About Us


About Our Practice

We offer a fully Integrated approach to our clients by offering a wide range of therapy and health improving options from Physiotherapy and Osteopathy to Alexander and Tai Chi, Pilates to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sports massage to counselling, a doctor
and much more – all provided by highly qualified and experienced practitioner.

In addition to having Musculoskeletal/Sports injuries therapists and physician our therapists and doctor also offer a wide range of integrated medicine and complementary healthcare disciplines such as acupuncture (many of our therapists offer acupuncture as part of their treatments).

Our doctor is a qualified Anthroposophic medicine physician/And Private GP, he also offers a range of other Integrated/Complementary styles of therapy as well as being the founder of LSMC.

Our Therapies

Leicester Sports Medicine Clinic has been dedicated to offering the very
best of care to our patients who present a whole range of Musculoskeletal
ills and sports injuries, as well as many other aspects of health issues-
physical, psychological or other, for the last 20 years in a convenient,
pleasant and relaxing situation on the edge of Victoria Park.

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