Hand Therapy and Scar Management

Hand Therapy aims to restore the function of the hand following injury, surgery or other conditions of the hand such as Dupeytren’s Contracture and can be carried by either a qualified Physiotherapist or a specialised Occupational Therapist. Following a comprehensive assessment, treatment is tailored to individual needs and may involve any of the following:

Splinting, e.g to regain loss of range of movement, protect healing tissues or reduce pain
Reduction of swelling & wound care
Joint stretches & strengthening of weak muscles
Exercises to reduce stiffness, regain lost movement
Re-education of sensation following nerve damage
Advice on pain management
Advice on return to work, activities of daily living or sports


Scar Management aims to control how scars form during healing; minimise the effect of scars on function and improve their trying to prevent deformity, contracture and maintain or improve appearance and function.



Liz Rose


(HPC Registered OT25612, MSc Hand Therapy, BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy, Clinical Specialist in Hand Therapy)

She makes her own appointments on 07974 199 659

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