Trichology is the science and study of the hair and scalp in relation to its structure, function and associated diseases or abnormalities.

I trained at the Institute of Trichologists (I.O.T) and qualified as a Consultant Trichologist in 2008. The I.O.T is the world’s first professional Trichological organisation and is still regarded as the leading educational facilitator in this field. Since setting up my trichological practice in 2009 I have been treating, advising and supporting patients suffering from various hair-loss and scalp disorders.  I pride myself on providing a professional, discreet and ethical service that has helped patients with what can sometimes be an embarrassing or traumatic issue.

Some of the areas I consult on include:

*Hair loss (patchy, diffuse, pattern)

*Thinning hair

*Hair breakage/trauma

*Itchy/sensitive scalp

*Flaky or scaly scalp

*Pustular/sore/infected Scalp

*Scalp eczema/scalp psoriasis

*Hair Care


Jackie Martin


MIT – Consultant & Clinical Trichologist

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